Chant for Easter

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Program: #12-15   Air Date: Apr 02, 2012

For our 34th anniversary on this date, we continue as we began, with Gregorian chant appropriate for Eastertide.

NOTE: For our 34th anniversary on this date, we continue as we began, with Gregorian chant appropriate for Eastertide.

I. Mors et Ressurectio: Gregorian Chant: Requiem mass, Mass on Easter Day (Ensemble Torculus, Haig Mardirosian, cond.). Centaur CD CRC 3028.

  1. Mass on Easter Day
  2. Introit: Resurrexi
  3. Kyrie (Lux et origo)
  4. Gloria
  5. Gradual: Haec dies / Alleluia: Pascha nostrum
  6. Sequence: Victimae paschali
  7. Offertory: Terra tremuit
  8. Sanctus
  9. Agnus Dei
  10. Communion: Pascha nostrum
  11. Dismissal: Ite missa est

II. VOICES: Chant from Avignon (Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation). Decca CD B0015000 02.

  1. Overture: Invitatory Surrexit Dominus, Ps. 94
  2. Sadness In Life: Introit Exsurge
  3. Sadness In Life: Lamentation Oratio Jeremiae
  4. Annunciation Bells
  5. Sadness In Life: Sequence Dies irae
  6. Sadness In Life: Tract Commovisti
  7. Sadness In Life: Offertory Recordare
  8. Sadness In Life: Alleluia Oportebat pati Christum
  9. Stay With Us: Alleluia Cognoverunt
  10. Stay With Us: Communion Panis
  11. Stay With Us: Hymn Adoro te
  12. Stay With Us: Introit Esto mihi
  13. Stay With Us: Offertory In te speravi
  14.  Stay With Us: Sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus
  15. Stay With Us: Antiphon Ubi caritas
  16. Burning Hearts: Antiphon Nonne cor nostrum, Magnificat
  17. Burning Hearts: Response Regnum mundi
  18. Burning Hearts: Gradual Christus
  19. Burning Hearts: Offertory Dextera Domini
  20. Burning Hearts: Antiphon Alleluia, Ps. 116
  21. Burning Hearts: Hymn Benedictus es
  22. Annunciation Peal Of Bells

III. PAX: Gregorian Chant (Choir of the Monks of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, Dom André Saint-Cyr, dir.). Analekta CD AN 2 9776.


  1. Antiphon: In viam pacis VII
  2. Introit: Da pacem I
  3. Introit: Loquetur Dominus III
  4. Introit: Lux fulgebit VIII
  5. Gloria in excelsis Deo 3 VIII
  6. Gradual: Benedictus Dominus VII
  7. Gradual: Pacifice V
  8. Gradual: Laetatus sum VII
  9. Alleluia: Post dies octo VIII
  10. Alleluia: Qui posuit IV
  11. Alleluia: Virga Jesse VIII
  12. Agnus Dei 2 I
  13. Communion: Beati I
  14. Hymn: Vita sanctorum I
  15. Antiphon: Pacem relinquo vobis VI
  16. Antiphon: Cum esset sero I
  17. Response: Tua est II
  18. Hymn: Jesu, rex admirabilis II
  19. Canticle: Benedictus I
  20. Offertory: Iustorum animae I

CD Info

Centaur CD CRC 3028, Decca CD B0015000 02, Analekta CD AN 2 9776