Evolution of the Baroque Part 1

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Program: #87-31   Air Date: Aug 02, 1987

NOTE: This classic show has recently been rescued and digitized from an ancient tape. The playlist below was originally typed or handwritten; if you notice any errors in our transcription, please let us know.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from a Friend of Millennium of Music.

IN: CASTELLO: Sonita seconda ("in stil moderno") (Venice, 1629) (Fior: Musicali) T65 - 302

  1. TROMBONCINO: (~1470 - ~1535): Vergine bella (Waverly Consort) (IM-34664)
  2. ALBERT DE RIPPE: Fantasia XVIII (Smith, lute) (AS-18). (~1480-1551)
  3. PIETRO PAOLO BORRONO: Toccata, Fantasia, Saltarello (~1510? - after 1560) (Tyler lute) (4-71389).
  4. VINCENZO GALILEI (late 1520s-1591): Galliards, "Calliope"; Pelinnia (Polonska, harp) (CE-3109); Io mi son giovinethe; Ricercare; Il vostro gran valore (Gerwig, 1) (19-99-60017).
  5. ANDREA GABRIELI (c.1510-1586): O passi spara: (Tölzer Knobenchor / Linde consort / Linde) (1-C-063-30112).
    Ricercare; Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Ambrosian Singers / Stevens) (S-36443)
  6. GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1557-1612): Sonata pian 'e forte (London Cornett & Sackbut Ens / Parrote) (2533.406)
  7. from LA PELLEGRINA (1589): 4th Intermedio: GIULIO CACCINI (1545-1618) Io che dal ciel cader; CHRISTOFANO MALVEZZI (1547-1597): Sinfonia; Or che le due grand'alme; GIOVANNI DE BARDI (1534-1612): Miseri habitator.
    6th INTERMEDIO: MALVEZZI: Dal vago e bel sereno; O qui risplende nube; EMILIO DE CAVALIERI (1550-1602): Godi turba mortal; MALVEZZI: O fortunato giorno; CAVALIERI: O che nuovo miracolo (Stockholm Chamber Choir / Ericson / Linde Consort / Linde) (1-C-063-30.114/5)

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