Evolution of the Baroque Part 3

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Program: #87-33   Air Date: Aug 16, 1987

NOTE: This classic show has recently been rescued and digitized from an ancient tape. The playlist below was originally typed or handwritten; if you notice any errors in our transcription, please let us know.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from a Friend of Millennium of Music.

CLAUDIO MERULO (1533-1604): Toccata quinta (1598) (Kastner, harpsichord) (TG1-302)

  1. LUZZASCHO LUZZASCHI (1547-1607): O dolcezze amarissime d'amore (Afonso, Mistello, Pennichi, sopranos / Sartolo, harpsichord) (HMC-1136).
  2. ERCOLE BOTTRIGARI (1531-1612): Sa ben mi ch'ha bon tempo; Mi parto (Jacobs, alto / Junghanel, lute & theorbo) (HMC-1183).
  3. GIULIO CACCINI (~1545-1618): Perfidissimo volto; Belle rose porporine; Udite amanti; Amarilli mia bella (Rogers, cns.) (2533.30J). (8 for Amarilli, HMC-1183).
  4. JACOPO PERI (1561-1633): Dunque fra torbid'onde (1559) (Stockholm Ch. Choir / Linde Consort / Linde (1.c.063-30.114/5). O durezza di ferro; Tra le donne; Belissima, regina (Rogers, ensemble) (2533.305).
  5. ADRIANO BANCHIERI (1563-1634): Canzona "La Pomponazza" (Calliope: Ensemble) (D-78069).
  6. CLAUDIO BRAMIERI (fl. ~1595): Canzone "La Foccone" (1599) (Linde Consort / Linde) (1-C-062-30.112)
  7. GIOVANNI ANTONIO TERZI (fl ~1593-9): Contrapunto sopra "Non mi taglia il ben mio" (by Rove) (Tyler, North, lutes / Ryan, viol) (H-71389).
  8. MARC' ANTONIO INGENERI (1545-1592): Tenebrae factae sunt (Lausanne Vocal Ensemble / Corbez) (MHS-700).
  9. MONTEVERDI (1567-1643): ORFEO (1607): Possente spirto (Rogers / T / London Baroque / Medlam) (DSBX-3964).

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