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Program: #03-04   Air Date: Jan 27, 2003

Paul Hillier's latest project is a brilliant look at the odd and end bits of music preserved in both the Eastern and Western Medieval world.


NOTE: This remarkable recording illustrates both eastern
and western musical traditions preserved in framentary manuscript
form. The performance is by the Theatre of Voices directed by
Paul Hillier. The CD fragments is on the Harmonia Mundi label
and is # HMU 907276.


--Anon.: Laude novella (13th c.).
--Anon.: Venite a laudare (13th c.).
--ANTONIO ZACHARA da TERAMO (fl. 1500): Credo Deus Deorum.
--MATTEO da PERUGIA (d.c.1418): Ave sancta mundi salus/Agnus Dei.
--Anon.: Benedicamus (14th c.).


--Anon.: Sanctus (14th c.).
--JOHN PLOUSIADENOS (c. 1429-1500): Communion Hymn.
--PLOUSIADENOS: Canon for the Council of Florence.
--MANUEL GAZES (1st half 15th c.): Enite ton Kychirion.


--Anon.: Dnes Hristos (Sticheron for Christmas)--(17th c.).
--Anon.: Blazhen muzh (from Vespers)--(17th c.).
--Anon.: Vozbrannoy voyevode (for the Mother of God) (17th c.).
--Anon.: The Cherubic Hymn.


--Anon.: Worldes blis ne last no throwe.
--Anon.: Beata viscera.
--Anon.: Salve sancta parens/Salve mater/Salve lux/Salve sine spina.
--Anon.: Salve virgo virginum.
--Anon.: Virgo Maria, patrem parit/O stella/Flos genuit/Virgo Maria.
--Anon.: Sanctus.
--Anon. Alleluia/Nativitas.


--PEROTINUS (c.1165-1220): Viderunt omnes/Notum fecit Dominus.

Composer Info

PEROTINUS (c.1165-1220), MANUEL GAZES (1st half 15th c.), PLOUSIADENOS, JOHN PLOUSIADENOS (c. 1429-1500), MATTEO da PERUGIA (d.c.1418), ANTONIO ZACHARA da TERAMO (fl. 1500),

CD Info

HMU 907276.

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