Guillaume de Machaut–Duelling Motets

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Program: #04-14   Air Date: Mar 29, 2004

In one of those oddities in the early music world, a much-anticipated recording of motets by Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377) featuring The Hilliard Ensemble is matched by a most unusual disc.

We present both discs. Motet numbers are designated as follows: M1. from Guillaume de Machaut--Motets with the Hilliard
Ensemble on ECM (CD # ECM 1823). This disc leaves out
Motets 1, 6, 12, 14, and 17.

--De soupirant cuer (M2-"With a sad & yearning heart").
--Fine amour, qui me vint navrer (M3-"Perfect love,who came to wound me").
--Puis que la douce rousee (M4-'Because pity does not wish to make blossom").
--Qui plus Aimee (M5--"He who loves most").

--Veni creator spiritus (M21--"Come, creator spirit").
--Plange, regni respublica (M22-"Weep commonwealth of the kingdom").
--Inviolat genitrix (M23-"Inviolate Mother").

from &Mac186;, a two-CD set of all 23
motets of the composer. The ensemble Musica Nova was founded in Lyon in 1990, and this was recorded while the ensemble was in residence at the Casa Musicale, Festivoce, Pigna (Haute-Corse).
Zig-Zag Territoires also supports living artists in their unique label and booklet designs--for more information:

--De ma douleur (M14--"For my grief tenderly comforted").
--Faus Semblant m'a deceu (M15-"False pretense deceived me").
--Diligenter inquiramus (M19-"Let us seek carefully").
--Bone pastor (M18-"Good shepherd").
--Lasse! je suis en aventure (M7-"Alas! I run the risk of dying").

Composer Info

Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377),

CD Info

CD # ECM 1823

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