Harmonia Mundi 2000

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Program: #00-09   Air Date: Feb 28, 2000

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I. Anon.: Cedit frigus hiemale. (Alia Musica/Miguel Sanchez, dir.). Harmonia Mundi Iberica CD HMI 987021. From the recording UNICA HISPANIAE.

II. Anon.: Sia laudato San Francesco. (la Reverdie Ensemble). Arcana CD A-304. From LEGENDA AUREA: Laudes des Saints.

III. FRANCISCO GUERRERO: Missa de la Batalla escoutez: Kyrie. (The Choir of Westminster Cathedral/His Majesty's Sagbutts & Cornetts/James O'Donnell, dir.). Hyperion CD CDA-67075. From FRANCISCO GUERRERO: BATTLE MASS.

IV. CLAUDE GOUDIMEL: Apres avoir constamment attendu (Ps. XL). Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Ps. CXXXVII).

PIERRE CERTON: O bienheureux dont les commises (Ps. XXXII).

LOYS BOURGEOIS: La! en ta fureur algue (Ps. XXXVIII). (Ensemble Clement Janequin/Dominique Visse). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC-901672. From PSAUMES ET CHANSONS DE LA REFORME.

V. JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK: Cantiones Sacrae: De profundis. (Trinity College Chapel Choir, Cambridge/Richard Marlow, cond.). Hyperion CD CDA-67103. From SWEELINCK: CANTIONES SACRAE I.

VI. STEFANO FABRI: Laudate pueri. (A Sei Voci/Bernhard Fabre-Garrus, dir.). Astree/Naive CD E-8663. From FABRI: Vesperae a quattour choris.

VII. PIETRO PAOLO BENCINI: Ave Maria. (A Sei Voci/Barnard Fabre-Garrus, dir.). Astree-Naive CD E-8677. From A SEI VOCI: Une Messe Imaginaire.

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CD HMI 987021, CD A-304, CD CDA-67075, CD HMC-901672, CD CDA-67103, CD E-8663, CD E-8677

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