Hildegard von Bingen: The Origin of FIRE

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Program: #05-06   Air Date: Jan 31, 2005

All of the music on this program celebrates the music and visions of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179). It is the last recording by the ensemble Anonymous 4, whose members were on the program, as they have been regularly for over 15 years.

While we were honored to share the premiere of this disc with our audience, we were more honored to be graced with the presence of these extraordinary women from the beginning of their career.

The recording is on Harmonia Mundi, and is CD# HMU 907327.
You may find out more about the ensemble at their web site:

All works are by Hildegard unless otherwise noted:

--HRABANUS MAURUS (d. 856): Veni creator spiritus ("Come, creator spirit").
--NOTKER BALBULUS/Anon.: Veni spiritus eternorum alme
("Come, kind spirit of the ages").
--O quam mirabilis est (Antiphon in praise of God the Father).
--Vision 1: The Fire of creation.
--O ignis spiritus paracliti (Vision of the Holy Spirit that animates all creation).
--Vision 2: Wisdom and her sisters.
--O felix anima (for the Matins of the feast of St. Disibod--"O happy soul").
--Vision 3: The fiery spirit.
--O ignee spiritus ("O fiery spirit, praise be to you").
--Vision 4: Love.
--Caritas habundat in omnia ("Love flows richly into all things").
--O eterne Deus ("O eternal God").
--Anon. (9th cen. Frankish): Beata nobis gaudia ("The circle of days
brings blessed joys to us again").

Composer Info

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), HRABANUS MAURUS (d. 856), NOTKER BALBULUS

CD Info

CD# HMU 907327

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