In Mulieribus

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Program: #09-49   Air Date: Nov 30, 2009

We continue our celebration of women's ensembles (the name of the group comes from the Latin "amongst women") with live performances by this Portland, Oregon-based group. For more information, you may contact them at:


In Mulieribus (the Latin phrase meaning “amongst women”) is a female vocal ensemble dedicated to the promotion and enrichment of community through the art of music with a focus on works written primarily before 1750.It accomplishes this mission through live, historically informed, professional performances; through sound recording projects; and through relationships and donations made to local not-for-profit organizations that support women in need.

I. From Darkness into Light

--JOSQUIN des PREZ (1450/5-1521): Ave verum corpus ("Hail, true body")
--CARPENTRAS (Elzéar Genet--c.1470-1548): Lamentations of Jeremiah: Recordare domine ("Remember, O Lord"); IOD. Sederunt in terra ("The elders of the daughter of Zion")
--ANTOINE BRUMEL (1460-1512): Lamentations of Jeremiah: HETH. Cogtavit Dominus ("The Lord determined to lay in ruins"); 
CAPH. Defecerunt prae lacrimis ("My eyes are spent with weeping");  Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

II. In Mulieribus LIVE

--CRISTÓBAL de MORALES (1500-1553): In die tribulationis 
--Anon. 13th c: Alle psallite 
--HILDEGARD von BINGEN (1098-1179): Cum processit factura
--Anon. 12th c.: Portum in ultimo  (Codex Calixtinus)
--Adieu, m\'amour, adieu my joye - Guillaume DUFAY (1397-1474) 
--Quand j\'ay l\'espart - Guillaume de MACHAUT (1300-1377) 
--Qui d\'amours se plaint/LUX MAGNA - anon. 13th c., Montpellier
--Miraculous Love\'s Wounding - Thomas MORLEY (1557-1602) 
--Hodie Christus natus est - G.P. da PALESTRINA (1525-1594)  
--Noel nouvelet - trad. French 15th c. carol
--Es ist ein\' Ros\' entsprungen - trad. German 15th c. carol 

--O magnum mysterium - Tomás Luis de VICTORIA (1548-1611)
--Magnificat - Guillaume DUFAY (1397-1474)

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