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Program: #00-19, Air Date: 05/08/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program comes from the new recording on the ECM label, IN ARADISUM. It is CD number ECM-1653 (or Universal Classics no. 289.457.851-2). The performers are the Hilliard Ensemble. You may order this as well as other Millennium of Music recordings on, by selecting Music: Classical: then typing in "Millennium of Music." This program is dedicated to Eva Printz and John Cardinal O'Connor.

1. TOMAS LUIS de VICTORIA: Taedet animam meam
       (Second lesson from Matins for the Dead).

 2. GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI da PALESTRINA: Domine quando veneris.
       (Responsory from Matins for the Dead).

 3. VICTORIA: Libera ma, Domine. (Responsory from the Burial Service).

 4. PALESTRINA: Ad Dominum cum tribularer clamavi. (Psalm 120).

 5. Anon.: Sequence: Dies irae. (from Graduale Romanum, Toul,
       Meurthe-et-Moselle, France; 1627).

 6. VICTORIA: Peccantum me quotidie. (responsory from Matins
       for the Dead).

 7. PALESTRINA: Libera me, Domine (Responsory from Burial Service).

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