Lassus Part X

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Program: #87-25   Air Date: Jun 21, 1987


To start: O Occhi, Manze Mia (1557, 3 vv.; 1581 4 vv.) (Williamsburg Singers) (WS-102) (Williamsburg Records) Surrexit Pastor Bonus (1562).

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from Katherine.

  1. Veni in hortem meum (from 1562, 5 vv. — Waisselius’ 1573 Lute collection — Prussian lutenist — attrib. to Bálint Bakfark by W.) (Daniel Benko, lute) (SLPX-11987).
  2. MISSA, “In Die Tribulationis” motet of Jacquet of Mantua (1589 — Patricinium Musices: missae aliquot. Adam Berg, Munich) (Prague Madrigal Choir/Venhoda) (BGS-70651), (Bach Guild).
  3. Magnificat, IV toni (one at 101 settings — (published by son Rudolph in 1619) (Capella Antiqua of Munich/Niederaltaich Scholars/Ruhland)(PAL-1047). (Pro Arte).
  4. Aurora lucis rutilat (from 1581 or 1592) Magnificat, super "Aurora lucis rutilat” (Pro Cantione Antiqua/Bruno Turner) (A-66051/2)
  5. Magnificat VI toni (5 vv.) (1619) (Capella Antiqua of Munich/Ruhland) (KBF-21192)
    5 a) "Ein guten raht" (1590, Munich) (Kings Singers — EMI — SLS — 1078393).
  6. Omnes de Saba venient; Salve Regina; Alma Redemptoris Mater (all 1604 collection) (Choir Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford/Preston) (ZR6-795).
  7. Tui sunt coeli (Vienna Moret Choir/Mus. Ant. of Vienna/Klebel) (SCGLX-73910) (1604)
    7 a) Ad te, perenne gaudium: In hora ultima (Ens. Dial. Mus./Hirsch) (MW-84524)
  8. Timor, Domini, principium (6 vv, 1594) (Graz) (CAM/Ruhland) (KBF-21192).

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