Lesse faire a mi

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Program: #04-06   Air Date: Feb 02, 2004


The music for this program is from Josquin des Prez: Missa "lesse faire a mi" with the Capella Pratensis conducted by Rebecca Stewart.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from a Friend of Millennium of Music.

Prince Djem was the younger brother of Ottoman emperor Bayazid II (1481–1512). He became a political pawn in the shifting alliances of late 15th century European politics. For a meeting in Italy with King Charles VIII of France, Cesare Borgia, the Prince and other notables, Pope Alexander commissioned the mass from Josquin long thought to have been based on a series of arbitrary notes (La sol fa re mi)—but now identified with the Papal service of January 20, 1495. It is on the Ricercar label and is CD RIC 159166. The program is sponsored in part by the Belgian Tourist Office and the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C. For more information on visiting Belgium, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:


  • Anon.: "Lesse faire a mi."
  • Introit: Intret in conspectu tuo.
  • JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1440–1521): Missa Lesse faire a mi: Kyrie & Gloria.
  • Gradual: Gloriosos Deus.
  • Alleluia: Alelluia, Sancti tui.
  • JOSQUIN: Missa Lesse faire a mi: Credo.
  • JOSQUIN: Salve regina.
  • Offertorium: Letamini in Domino.
  • JOSQUIN: Missa Lesse faire a mi: Sanctus & Agnus Dei.
  • Communio: Multitudo longuentium.
  • JOSQUIN: Illibata Dei Virgo.

Composer Info

JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1440-1521),

CD Info

CD RIC 159166

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