Lislevand and Lirico

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Program: #06-23   Air Date: May 29, 2006

Two recent ECM discs with Stephen Stubbs’ new ensemble Teatro Lirico and Rolf Lislevand with vocals by Arianna Savall.

NOTE: All of the music from this program is found on two recent releases.
Both of the albums featured on today's program are from the great German independent label, ECM, and can be found on

Coming up on ECM,  Tigran Mansurian's choral work Ars Poetica will be released on June 27th, and we can look forward to John Holloway's recording of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas on baroque violin in October.

I. Nuove Musiche  (ECM 1922--B0005070-02)

This disc follows the traditional early Baroque practice of improvisation, as Rolf Lislevand (archlute, baroque guitar, theorbo) and his ensemble provide improvisations on early 17th century works. Arianna Savall is the vocalist and also plays triple harp.

--after GIOVANNI GIROLAMO KAPSBERGER (c. 1575-1661): from Libro I d'intavolatura di chitarrone (Venice 1604): Arpeggiata addio.

--after GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643): from Primo libro d'arie musicali per cantarsi nei Gravicembalo e Tiorba (Florence, 1630): "Cosi mi disprezzate"--Passacaglia cantata.

--after ALESSANDRO PICCININI (1566-1638): Intavolatura di liuto, et di chitarrone, Libro primo (Bologna, 1623): Toccata cromatica.

II. Teatro Lirico  (ECM 1893--B0005923-02)

Chitarrone and baroque guitar virtuoso Stephen Stubbs created the ensemble Teatro Lirico to explore the musical evolution from the medieval to the modern world. On this disc, he looks at both the remarkable "La Folia" theme as it played out throughout the 17th century, and the evolution of the Italian sonata.

--GIULIO CACCINI (c.1550-1618): "Amarilli, mia bella."

--MAURIZIO CAZZATI (c.1620-1677): Balletto quarto: Adaggio (Bologna, 1669).

--Anon. 17th c. Spanish/LUCAS RUIZ de RIBAYAZ (c. 1626--after 1677): Folia Variations for Harp Solo (Madrid, 1677).

--CARLO FARINA (c.1600-1640): Sonata seconda detta La desperata (Dresden, 1628).

--GIOVANNI BATTISTA GRANATA (c.1620--c.1687): Sonata di chittarra, e violino, con il suo basso continuo (Bologna, 1659).

--GIOVANNI PAOLO FOSCARINI (fl.1621-1649): Aria della Fulia variata (con parti variate) (Rome, 1640).

Te following works are from one of the most important manuscripts in Slovak music history:

--Anon. Slovak: Pestry zbornik ("Colorful collection")--(Levoca, after 1676):

-Peccunia "Marschupio"

-Appetitus "Kalbfleisch"


-JOHANN CASPAR HORN (c. 1630-c.1685):Sarabande

-Runda "Laetum in cornum"

-Chorea pollonica

-Chorea Kozacky

Composer Info

GIOVANNI GIROLAMO KAPSBERGER (c. 1575-1661), GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643), ALESSANDRO PICCININI (1566-1638), GIULIO CACCINI (c.1550-1618), MAURIZIO CAZZATI (c.1620-1677), LUCAS RUIZ de RIBAYAZ (c. 1626--after 1677), CARLO FARINA (c.1600-1640), GIOVANNI BATTISTA GRANATA (c.1620--c.1687), GIOVANNI PAOLO FOSCARINI (fl.1621-1649), JOHANN CASPAR HORN (c. 1630-c.1685)

CD Info

ECM 1922--B0005070-02, ECM 1893--B0005923-02

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