Programs tagged with: Rolf Lislevand

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A Century of Lute

Program: #16-39, Air Date: 09/19/16

Three recordings highlighting the 16th century Italian who went to France, Albert de Rippe; pavans from Elizabethan England; and Rolf Lislevand’s latest, taking us into the 17th century.

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Lislevand and Lirico

Program: #06-23, Air Date: 05/29/06

Two recent ECM discs with Stephen Stubbs’ new ensemble Teatro Lirico and Rolf Lislevand with vocals by Arianna Savall.

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Music from Norway–Dowland and Froberger

Program: #08-12, Air Date: 03/10/08

While English by birth, Dowland also served at the Royal Danish court—we’ll hear members of the Norwegian Baroque Soloists with lutenist Rolf Lislevand and mezzo Randi Stene in some of the great songs of Dowland; plus some of the brilliant harpsichord works of Johann Jacob Froberger performed by H.K. Sveen.

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Music from Norway: Rolf Lislevand–Baroque Artistry

Program: #10-49, Air Date: 11/29/10

Rolf Lislevand, continued--We continue tracking the brilliant Norwegian lutenist, this time looking at his work with Jordi Savall and his ensembles.

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