Listener’s Choice, Part 3: Ancient Sounds

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Program: #00-12   Air Date: Mar 20, 2000


Listener's Request Special III: Don't forget, anyone whose suggestion we program for this month-long celebration receives a free early music CD from all of us here at Millennium of Music!

I. Anon.: Bacchus (double flutes); Aetherius (Pan flutes); Isis (open-mouth flutes); Pastorale (reeds); Diana Roman (trumpet); Synaulia/Walter Maioli  (flutes &  dir.). Amiata CD ARNR 1396. From SYNAULIA: MUSIC FROM ANCIENT ROME. Note: Amiata is imported by World Music Distribution, Inc.

II. Anon.: Psalm 24; Song of Songs I, 1; Psalm 6; Lamentation I, 1. (Vantoura Ensemble/Suzanne Haik Vantoura, dir. & realization). Harmonia Mundi CD HMX 290886. From THE MUSIC OF THE BIBLE: A Thousand Year-Old Notation Deciphered.

III. Anon.: Elijahu Hanavie; Psalm 42, vs 1-5; Isaiah 30, vs. 29; Samuel 18, vs. 7. (Collegium Musicum Judaicum Amsterdam/Chaim Storosum, dir.). Christophorus CD CHE-0029. From MUSIC OF THE BIBLE.

IV. Anon.: Qadis Maria (Chaldean Sanctus); Qadishat Aloho  (Syriac Sanctus); Mnahmono (from the Mass for the Dead). (Esther Lamandier, voice). Alienor CD AL-1034. From  CHANTS CHRETIENS ARAMEENS.

V. Anon.: Taw nimar (Let us proclaim the happiness of Mary"); Yawno tlito ("The young dove bears the eagle"); Hallel. (L'Ensemble de la paix/Sr. Marie Keyrouz, voice & dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC-901350. Fron TRADITIONAL  MARONITE CHANTS.

VI. Anon.: Fawqas-Salib (for the Passion). (Chorale de l'Institut de Musicologie de l'Universite Saint Esprit/Fr. Louis Hage, dir.). Studio SM CD 12 22.71. From CHANTS MARONITES TRADITIONNELS.

CD Info

CD ARNR 1396, CD HMX 290886, CD CHE-0029, CD AL-1034, CD HMC-901350, SM CD 12 22.71

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