Liturgia Defunctorum– Requiem from Saint Saviour’s Cathedral, Bruges

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Program: #02-47   Air Date: Nov 25, 2002


For over 30 years the Scola Gregoriana of the St. Saviour's Cathedral of Bruges has made music from the ancient church as alive as the medieval streets of that most beautiful of cities. This week, as we enter the meditative darkness of the Advent season, we hear the ancient Requiem service.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Donald Hinkle (1933–2020).

NOTE: This program and others this year celebrate Belgium and the beautiful city of Bruges as the European Cultural Capital 2002.

For more information on Bruges 2002 you may visit their website at:, and for more information on visiting Belgium, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:

The recordings of the Scola Gregoriana of the Cathedral of St. Saviour's in Bruges are on the Classic label, a division of DOMusic in Antwerp.

The CD number is DOM 2910 40.

Missa pro defunctis

  • Introit: Requiem aeternam.
  • Kyrie eleison.
  • Graduale: requiem aeternam.
  • Tractus: Absolve, Domine.
  • Alleluia: De profundis.
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei.
  • Communio: Lux aeterna; Qui manducat.

In Exsequiis

  • Responsorium: Subvenite Sancti Dei.
  • Antiphonae: In paradisum; Ego sum; In pace; Credo videre.

Missa in exsequiis parvuti baptizati

  • Introit: Ego autem.
  • Alleluia: Laudate, pueri, Dominum.
  • Communio: Dominus regit me.

Ad Matutinum

  • Invitatorium: Regem cui omnia vivunt.
  • Responsoria: Credo quod Redemptor; Qui Lazarum.


  • Responsorium: Libera me.
  • Sequentia: Dies irae.

CD Info

DOM 2910 40.

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