Liturgy from Armenia

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Program: #05-48   Air Date: Nov 21, 2005

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NOTE: One of the earliest series we did on Millennium was dedicated to the sacred music of the first Christian nation; this week, we'll sample performances from Armenian communities in France, Washington, D.C. and Providence, RI as this exquisite liturgy is recreated.

First, courtesy of Fr. Vertanes Kalayjian, the recording Gloria in Excelsis, featuring the Junior Choir of Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church in Providence with the Narek Bell Choir of St. Mary Armenian Church in Washington, DC. The disc features spiritual songs (mostly centering on the Christmas feast) from the 5th through the 13th centuries. For information on ordering this disc, you may contact Fr. Vertanes directly at:
[email protected]

I. Makar Yekmalian: Divine Liturgy

--O Mystery Deep.
--Trisagion: Holy God.
--Corpus Domini ("The Body of the Lord").
--Christ is Revealed Among Us.
--Pater Noster.
--The One Holy.
--Amen, Holy Father.
--Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

II. Hymns of Armenian Christmas

--MOVSES KERTOGH (6th cen.): Magnificat.
--KERTOGH: O Great Mystery.
--GRIGOR PAHLAVUNI (12th cen.): How Wondrous.
--HOVHANESS YERZNGATSI (13th cen.): Today, the Paternal Voice.
--MOVSES KERTOGH: Gloria in Excelsis.
--Anon.: Today is the Feast of the Holy Nativity.

III. Other Liturgical Works

--NERSES SHNORHALI (12 cen.): New Wonders.
--SOCRATES BOYAJIAN: Easter dance.
--MOVSES KHORENATSI (5th.cen.): The Oil-Bearing Women.
--VARTAN AREVELTSI (13th cen.): Thou Who Adorned.
--SHNORHALI: Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem, Christ is Risen.

The second disc is courtesy of the Akn Centre for Armenian Liturgical Chant Studies founded by Aram Kerovpyan. The disc, entitled Saints de l'Eglise d'Armenie, features the Chant choir and soloist Virginia Pattie Kerovpyan. For information about the centre, please go to:

The repertoire is dedicated to the Book of Sharakan, a collection of 1300 extensive sacred settings.

1). Shakaran for St. Stephen Protomartyr: "With the ranks of angels, let us celebrate the memory of St. Stephen."

2). Shakaran for St. John Chrysostomos: "From the Father who has no beginning."

3). Shakaran for St. George of Cappadocia: "O Saint George, pride of humankind."

4). Shakaran for St. Basil the Great: "Through his illuminated conscience."

5). Shakaran for Sts. Thaddeus and Bartholomew: "God who has no beginning, inexplicable radiant light."

6). Shakaran for The Followers of Sukias: " The prophet asked, 'Who will go up on the Lord's mountain?'"

7). Shakaran for St. Anthony Abbot: "Forefather of the hermits, blessed saint."

8). Shakaran for St. Vahan of Goghten: "The sound of your lamentations is more amazing to me than a melodious song."

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