Flory Jagoda & Friends: Living Tradition of the Sephardim

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Program: #03-47, Air Date: 11/24/03

Flory Jagoda again teams with Howard Bass in a program celebrating her family's journey out of Spain into the safety of Turkey, her grandparents' journey to Ottoman Bosnia, and eventually her arrival in America.

Note: All of the music on this program is from a live performance recorded
at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center of the University of Maryland.
It features Sephardic singer and performer Flory Jagoda accompanied by the
Hesperus ensemble, Colors of the Flame, Ramon Tasat, and Ms. Jagoda's
long-time associate, Howard Bass. This peformance was part of a series of
concerts dedicated to the journalist (and music enthusiast) Daniel Pearl.

You may hear Ms. Jagoda on disc in recordings featuring
the ensemble La Rondinella directed by our guest Howard Bass,
who is also Director of Cultural Programs for the National Museum of
the American Indian of the Smithsonian Institution.

The three recordings are on the Dorian label:

Songs of the Sephardim (CD # DIS-80105).
A Song of David (CD # DIS-80130).
Sephardic Journey (CD# DOR-93171).

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the American-Turkish
Council, the American Friends of Turkey, Raymond James International Holding (independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking services in the United States and Turkey since 1962), and the Turkish Cultural Foundation, dedicated to promoting Turkish culture and heritage.

We at Millennium of Music would also like to thank The University of Maryland, recording engineer Antonino d'Urzo of Opusrite Audio Productions, and  Tina Chancey of Hesperus for recording and production of this concert.

--Buena Semana ("A Good Week").

--A Espanya ("To Spain").

--Noces, Noces ("Nights, Nights").

--Raguza ("Dubrovnik").

--La Boda Djudiya ("The Jewish Wedding").

--Raki ("Brandy").

--Chichi Bunichi ("Finger Counting Song").

--La Kreasyon ("The Creation").

--Beza La Mezuza ("Kiss the Mezuzzah").

--Diziocho Anyos Tengo ("I Am 18 Years Old").

--Rikordus Di Mi Nona ("Remembering Nona").

--Yehi Ratsones (Prayer over the New Year's meal).

--El Diya Di Purim ("The Day of Purim").

--Ken Supiense I Entendiense ("Who knows and Who Understands?").

--Saray Mi Sivdad Di Oro ("Sarajevo, My Golden City").

--Adiyo Kerida ("Farewell Beloved").

CD Info

DIS-80105, DIS-80130, DOR-93171.