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Program: #03-14, Air Date: 04/07/03

At their final concert at the 2002 Holland Festival of Early Music, the Ensemble Dialogos reinterpreted the earliest chant at the Benedictine home monastery of Monte Cassino--were "barbarians" Lombards, or indeed Byzantine traders who brought their own musical influences? [originally scheduled for March]


NOTE: These performances from the Holland Festival of Early Music at
Utrecht 2002 are by the ensemble Dialogos directed by Katarina Livljanic.
They are supported in part by Radio Nederland and the
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

This program, Lombards and Barbarians: War, Music, and Liturgy at Monte Cassino and Central Italy in the Middle Ages examines the following question:
What was the earliest chant at the Benedictine home monastery of Monte Cassino? Did "barbarian" Lombards or Byzantine traders who bring their own musical influences? The program has been newly recorded on the Arcana label and is CD number A319.

All work is anonymous--the souce of the chant is noted first:

--Monte Cassino: Responsory Ubi est Abel frater tuus.
--Benevento: Antiphon Doxa en ipsistis/Gloria.
--Monte Cassino: Excommunicatio Leonis papae.
--Monte Cassino: Responsory Convertimini.
--Monte Cassino: Responsory Movens igitur Abraham.
--Monte Cassino: Responsory Dixit Isaac patri suo.
--Benevento: Canticum trium puerorum.
--Monte Cassino: Antiphon & hymn Caminus ardebat.
--Vatican: Admonitio.
--Vatican: Kyrie Auctor caelorum.
--Vatican: Gloria Cives superni.
--Monte Cassino: De canto romano vel ambrosiano.
--Benevento: Sequence Cantemus canticum.

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