Lucidarium in Utrecht

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Program: #03-43   Air Date: Oct 27, 2003

In a happy mixture of many nations, the Swiss ensemble Lucidarium gave in concert in Utrecht featuring the first great Lowlands composer to venture into Italy, Johannes Ciconia, along with the Venetians who were working in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

NOTE: These performances from the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2002 are by the Swiss Ensemble Lucidarium. They give a picture of music in Venice at the turn of the 15th century.

They are supported in part by Radio Nederland and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Johannes Ciconia ca.1370-1411
Venecie Mundi Splendor/Michael qui Steno domus/Italie a3
Motet uit 1406 ter ere van de doge Michele Steno

Bartolomeus Brollo actief 1430-1450
Entrepris suis (rondeau)

From Glogauer Liederbuch ‘Entrepris suis’

Leonardo Giustinian 1387-1446
Aimè, sospiri non trovo pace

Francesco Varoter

O Virgineta bella

Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro
Petit Riense (abllo)

Anonymus/Giuseppe Baretti
Ottave cavalleresche sull'aere veneziano

Pietro Oriola
Trista che spera

Turcho, turcho e Isabella – La Tricotée


Anoniem (Perugia)
Ogni cosa ha il suo loco (frottola)

Anonymus (Paris)
Tenta lora ruzenenta

O crux fructus (lauda)

Composer Info

Pietro Oriola, Giuseppe Baretti, Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro, Francesco Varoter, Leonardo Giustinian 1387-1446, Johannes Ciconia ca.1370-1411, Bartolomeus Brollo actief 1430-1450,

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