A Meeting in Toledo

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Program: #03-44, Air Date: 11/03/03

In early summer 1502, Duke Philip the Fair of Burgundy was escorted into Toledo by his father-in-law King Ferdinand, where they were greeted by Queen Isabella--the greatest lowland of composers of the day travelled along and composed for the occasion, and the latest recording by the Orlando Consort celebrates this meeting.


NOTE: In the early summer of 1502, Philip the Fair, Duke of Burgundy,
was accompanied by his wife Juana (known as "the Mad") into Toledo,
escorted by his father-in-law Ferdinand of Aragon to be greeted by Isabella
of Castile. The great Burgundian choir was met by musicians of the court
of Ferdinand and Isabella. This week, we hear the Orlando Consort recreate
this meeting from their recording The Toledo Summit on the Harmonia Mundi label (CD # HMU 907328).

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and the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C. For
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ALONSO de MONDE\JAR (fl. 1502/06): Ave rex noster.

PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518): Gaude virgo.

JUAN de ANCHIETA (1462-1523): Libera me, Domine.

FRANCISCO de PE|ALOSA (c.1470-1528): Versa est in luctum.

FRANCISCO de la TORRE (fl.1483-1504): Adoramoste, Se|or.

ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (c.1446-1506): Je n'ay dueil.

AGRICOLA: Si dedero.

PIERRE de la RUE: Missa Nunca fue pena mayor: Kyrie.

Anon.: Ora baila t_.

PIERRE de la RUE: Autant en emporte le vent.

FRANCISCO de la TORRE: Justa fue mi perdi#ion.

PEDRO de LAGARTO (fl.1490-1507): Andad, pasiones, andad.

ANTOINE DIVITIS (c.1470-c.1515/34): O desolatorum consolatur.

ANTOINE BRUMEL (c.1460-c.1515): Mater patris.

ALONSO de MONDE\JAR: Oyan todos mi tormento.

PIERRE de la RUE: Secretz regretz.

LUCHAS (fl.c. 1500): A la ca#a, sus, a ca#a.

JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1450?--1521): In te, Domine, speravi.

PEDRO DIAZ de AUX (fl.1480-1510): Ave sanctissimum.

JOSQUIN (attrib.): Ave festiva ferculis.

FRANCISCO de PE|ALOSA : Missa L'homme arme: Credo.

Composer Info

PEDRO DIAZ de AUX (fl.1480-1510), JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c. 1450?--1521), LUCHAS (fl.c. 1500), ANTOINE BRUMEL (c.1460-c.1515), ANTOINE DIVITIS (c.1470-c.1515/34), PEDRO de LAGARTO (fl.1490-1507), ALEXANDER AGRICOLA (c.1446-1506), FRANCISCO de la TORRE (fl.1483-1504), FRANCISCO de PE|ALOSA (c.1470-1528)JUAN de ANCHIETA (1462-1523), ALONSO de MONDE\JAR (fl. 1502/06), PIERRE de la RUE (c.1460-1518),

CD Info

HMU 907328.