Magister X

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Program: #02-38   Air Date: Sep 23, 2002


Once again, the Alamire foundation weighs in with a superb recording (and story book!) of the works of an imaginary Flemish composer as he journeyed to Italy from Bruges, bringing the Northern style as he went.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Keith Phinney.

A requiem for a friend; a funeral mass without a corpse, a catafalque with an empty coffin. The gravediggers need not dig deep. They have only to remove a few paving stones... it is now more than a week since we heard the sad news of Magister Andreas Ornitoparchus, alias Andries Vogelaers, off the coast of Africa....

These words are the opening of the book Magister X: The Imaginary Journal of a Flemish Polyphonist. This project is the creation of Johan Van Cauwenberge, longtime early music radio producer and presenter on Belgian Radio 3. It was supported by the Alamire Foundation and the Government of Flanders. All performances are by the Capilla Flamenca. The companion CD takes pieces by various Lowlands composers to illustrate the journey from the north to the south and back.

For more information on Bruges 2002 you may visit their website at:, and for more information on visiting Belgium, you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:


Anon.: Requiem (gregorian).

Anon. (Songbook of ZEGHERE van MALE, 1542): Preludium.; Laus Deo.

THOMAS FABRI (active 1400-1415): Ach Vlaendere vrie ("O Flanders free").

ANTOINE BUSNOYS (c. 1430-1492): Alleluya; Verbum caro.

MASTER GUGLIEMO (?EBREO da PESARO: c.1425-after 1480): Falla con misurias.

JOHANNES OCKEGHEM (c. 1410-1497): Ma maitresse.

FABRI: Ach Vlaendere vrie (reprise).


JOHANNES OCKEGHEM: D'ung altre amer.


MATTIO RAMPOLLINI (1497--c.1553): Bacco Bacco.

JOSQUIN des PREZ (c. 1450-1521): El Grillo.

HEINRICH ISAAC (c. 1450-1517): Innsbruck, Ich muss dich lassen.


Anon.: Sergonta Bergonta.

JOSQUIN: Missa La sol fa re mi: Kyrie.


JOSQUIN: Guillaume se va chaufer.


Anon. (Margaret of Austria Songbook, c. 1430): Cueurs desolez.

Anon.: D'ung aultre amer (Colombina MS, c. 1430).

PHILIPPE BASIRON (15th cen.): D'ung aultre amer/L'homme arme.

HENRY VIII (1491-1547): Pastyme with Good Company.

TYLMAN SUSATO (c.1500-1563): Passe & Medio/Den iersten galliarde.


PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1470/80-before 1552): Ogn'hor per voi suspiro.


PIERRE de la RUE (c. 1460-1518): Mijn hert altijt heeft verlanghen.

Composer Info

THOMAS FABRI (active 1400-1415), ANTOINE BUSNOYS (c. 1430-1492), JOHANNES OCKEGHEM (c. 1410-1497), MATTIO RAMPOLLINI (1497--c.1553), JOSQUIN des PREZ (c. 1450-1521), HEINRICH ISAAC (c. 1450-1517), PHILIPPE BASIRON (15th cen.), HENRY VIII (1491-1547), TYLMAN SUSATO (c.1500-1563), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1470/80-before 1552), PIERRE de la RUE (c. 1460-1518).

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