Mass for St. Anthony Abbott

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Program: #05-23   Air Date: May 30, 2005

All of the music on this recording is from the Hyperion disc Mass for St. Anthony Abbott featuring the Binchois Consort directed by Andrew Kirkman (CDA 67474). As we heard on Millennium of Music program 03-06 (featuring the Mass for St. Anthony of Padua, Hyperion CD 66854), the great Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474) bequeathed two manuscripts of his own music to the St. Stephen Chapel in Cambrai. Aside from the Anthony of Padua Mass and a three-voice Requiem, there was an Anthony Abbott Mass. While the manuscript has been lost, the Anthony of Padua Mass was identified by David Fallows in a Trent manuscript in the late '70s; and a Missa Beati Anthoni found in another Trent source has the Propers for the Feast of Anthony Abbott. While Anthony Abbott was a desert father (c. 251-356), the shrine in the Vienne region south of Lyons is also the founding community of the Antonine order. Both Dufay and is estimable contemporary Gilles Binchois wrote music for his feast day on January 17th.

GUILLAUME DUFAY: Missa Sancti Anthonii Abbatis
• Introit: Scitote quoniam mirificavit ("Know therefore how the Lord has raised up").
• Kyrie; Gloria.
• Gradual: Thronus eius sicut sol ("His throne is like the sun before my face").
• Alleluia: Vox de caelo ad Anthonium ("A voice came from heaven to Anthony").
• Credo.
• Offertory: Inclito Anthonio Spiritus Sanctus dixit ("The Holy Spirit spoke to Anthony").
• Sanctus; Agnus Dei.
• Communio: Orbat Dei ("Anthony, God's faithful follower, prayed").

GILLES BINCHOIS (c. 1400-1460)

• Domitor Hectoris ("The vanquisher of Hector, vanquished by Paris").
• Kyrie "in simplici die"
• Sanctus.
• Agnus Dei.
• Nove cantum melodie ("We sing a song of a new melody"--written for Antoine, heir to Philip the Good of Burgundy--the song invokes St. Anthony).

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CDA 67474

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