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Program: #03-51, Air Date: 12/22/03

Again, all in sound, almost no words--we hear music for the season newly recorded by Anonymous 4, Lionheart, and the Westminster Cathedral choir.

from Wolcum Yule with Anonymous 4 and
Andrew Lawrence-King, harps & psaltery
(Harmonia Mundi CD HMU 907325).

--trad. Irish: Good People All.
--trad. Scottish: Balulalow.
--HENRY VIII: Grene growith the holy.
--trad. English: The Cherry Tree carol.
--trad. Cornish: Can wassel (Wassail Song).

from Palestrina: Music for Advent and Christmas
with the Westminster Cathedral Choir, Martin Baker,
Master of Music (Hyperion CD CDA67396).

--PALESTRINA (1525/6-1594): Hodie Christus natus est.
--PALESTRINA: O magnum mysterium.
--PALESTRINA: O admirabile commercium.

from Tydings Trew: Medieval English Carols
and Motets with Lionheart (Koch CD KIC CD 7562).

--Anon.: A, my dere, a, my dere Son (carol).
--Anon.: Hayl Mary, ful of grace (carol).
--Anon.: As I outrode this endres night (carol).
--Anon.: Ecce, quod natura (carol).
--Anon.: Nowel, nowel (carol).

Composer Info

PALESTRINA (1525/6-1594)

CD Info

CD HMU 907325, CDA67396, KIC CD 7562.