Monks of the Abbey of Chevetogne

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Program: #12-16   Air Date: Apr 09, 2012

It has been a while since this extraordinary group of Belgian Benedictine monks (who specialize in Eastern liturgy) has had new recordings: we share one of their newest discs.

Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

Even by the standards of our most popular program, we have been gratified (and taken aback) by the overwhelming response we have received from this series dedicated to the work of the monks of Chevetogne. To this end, we are providing some extra information on how to reach the monks on line or by mail.

Monastère de l'Exaltation de la Sainte Croix
Rue du monastère 65
B - 5590 - Chevetogne

Tel.: + 32 (0)83 21.17.63

Fax: + 32 (0)83 21.60.45

Email addresses of the Monastery:

• Main address: [email protected]
NOTE: This is the email address of Fr. Thomas
Pott, current music director--new as of January 2005.

--This is CD 105/309:

Fr. Thomas Pott writes: The Feast of the Encounter (in Greek: Ypapanti), which the Churches of East and West celebrate on February 2nd, commemorates the gospel account of Christ’s Presentation in the Temple. Far from being simply an anniversary of this ritual and legal Presentation, the feast celebrates something which took place at the fringes of this event, namely the Encounter as recorded by the evangelist Luke (Lk 2:22-38).

The feast is bathed in an atmosphere of mystery and peace. It represents the conclusion of the season of Christmas – and here it acquires the sense of a Marian feast, that is, a feast which celebrates an aspect of the mystery of the Incarnation. It is also the transition toward the period of Lent and the Passion. The two cycles, as it were, ‘meet’ here, and this encounter is personified in a mysterious way – but the more embodied – in the Mother of Jesus, Mary.

This recording ends with three hymns to Mary the Mother of God. They correspond to three solemn moments of each liturgical day (Matins, Liturgy and Compline). We hope that these hymns might help all those who so desire to structure their day according to a threefold Encounter with the mystery of Christ, sustained by the liturgical rhythm of the Church and of our monastery.




  • First cathisma: Blessed the Man
  • Lucernarium: I have cried to You, O hear me.
  • Entrance: Wisdom, arise!
  • Prokeimenon: Come, bless the Lord
  • Aposticha: Adorn your bridal chamber, O Sion!
  • Canticle of Simeon.
  • The Troparion of the Feast: Hail Virgin Mother of God, full of Grace.




  • Polyeleos: Praise the name of the Lord.
  • Megalynarion: We magnify You, O Christ the Giver.
  • Canon, Ode 1: The sun once shone on dry land.
  • Canon, Ode 3: O Lord, the firm foundation.
  • Canon, Ode 4: Your virtue, O Christ.
  • Canon, Ode 5: When Isaiah in a figure saw God.
  • Canon, Ode 6: The Elder having seen with his eyes.
  • Kontakion: You sanctified a virgin womb by your birth.
  • Canon, Ode 7: God the Word.
  • Canon, Ode 8: United in the unquenchable fire.
  • Canon, Ode 9: O Virgin Mother of God.
  • Expostilarion: Come to the Temple of the Spirit.




  • At Matins: My soul doth magnify the Lord.
  • At the Divine Liturgy: Meet indeed it is to bless Thee.
  • At Compline: Litany of Prayers.
  • We take refuge beneath your compassion, Mother of God

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