Music for Valentine’s Day, Part 2

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Program: #13-07   Air Date: Feb 11, 2013

This week we move to early Renaissance Burgundy, Italy, and France withe recordings by Asteria, the Nelson/Bartram Duo, and Mignarda.

I. For the Love of Jacqueline: Medieval Love Songs by Antoine Busnoys.  (Asteria). Asteria Music CD AMCD0412.

for the Love of Jaqueline - Medieval Love Songs by Antoine Busnoys

For more information about this duo:


ANTOINE BUSNOIS (1430-1492): 

--Cest vous en qui jay esperance ("It is in you whom I have faith").

--Joie me fuit ("Joy flees me and pain follows me surely").

--Le corps sen va ("The body departs, and the heart remains with you").


II. SFUMATO: Musica per voce e liuto del Rinascimento Italiano. (Mignarda) Mignarda CD 008.

Sfumato: Musica per voce e liuto del Rinascimento Italiano

For more information about this duo:

--BARTOLOMEO TROMBONCINO (c.1470-1535): Poi che volse la mia stella ("Since my fortune changed and I saw the loveliness of a little mountain maid").

--TROMBONCINO: Vergina bella ("Virgin fair, arrayed in the sun").

--SEBASTIANO FESTA (c.1490-1524): O passi sparsi ("O scattered steps, O yearning, ready thoughts").

--PHILIPPE VERDELOT (c.1480-1530): Quando Amor i begli occhi ("When Love bends her lovely eyes to the ground").

--VERDELOT: Con lagrime et sospir ("With tears and sighs, saying no").

--LUCA MARENZIO (1553-1599): Pingo che Amor ("I cry, because love with the unaccustomed outrage of a new flame, burns and consumes my heart").


III. Ma Guiterre je te chante: 16th century guitar solos and chansons (Jocelyn Nelson, Renaissance guitar/Amy Bartram, soprano). 

Ma Guiterre Je Te Chante - 16th Century Guitar Solos And Chansons

For more information: 

--JACQUES ARCADELT (c.1507-1568): Si ce n'est amour qu'est-ce ("If it isn't love, what is it, what is it that I feel?").

--ADRIAN LE ROY (c.1520-1598) arranger and publisher: Prélude; Il estoit une fillette (basse danse); Tourdion.

--LAURENT BONARD (fl.1547-1554): Au jour au jour au jour (In the daytime, at the pretty daybreak, there was a woman").

--LE ROY: Bransle gay la centure; Bransle gay.

--ARCADELT: Margot labourez les vignes ("Margot, you toil in the vineyards").

--CLAUDIN de SERMISY (c.1490-1562): Tant que vivray ("When I am still in my prime, I will serve L<ove").

Composer Info

ANTOINE BUSNOIS (1430-1492), BARTOLOMEO TROMBONCINO (c.1470-1535), SEBASTIANO FESTA (c.1490-1524), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (c.1480-1530), LUCA MARENZIO (1553-1599), JACQUES ARCADELT (c.1507-1568), ADRIAN LE ROY (c.1520-1598), LAURENT BONARD (fl.1547-1554), CLAUDIN de SERMISY (c.1490-1562)

CD Info

AMCD0412, Mignarda CD 008,