Music from Turkey 2002, Part II

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Program: #02-22   Air Date: Jun 03, 2002


Music from the late Renaissance and Baroque Era in the Ottoman Empire with The Lalezar Ensemble.

NOTE: Our series of Music from Turkey is made possible in part by The American-Turkish Council in cooperation with the Istanbul International Music Festival, one of the world's leading music festivals, this year celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Additional support comes from Raymond James, listening to investors since 1962: Independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking services in the U.S. and Turkeyat

This program features performances by the Lalezar Ensemble formed to present historic Turkish music by Harold Hagopian. The series is entitled Music of the Sultans, Sufis & Seraglio.

They are on the Traditional Crossroads label and may be found at:

From Sultan Composers:

BAYEZID II (reigned 14811512): Neva pesrev fahte.

PRINCE KORKUT, Royal Musician (14671513): Kurdi pesrev.

MURAD IV (r.16231640): Gelse nesim-i-subh.

BAYEZID II: Neva pedrev duyek.

MURAD IV: Uyan ey gozlerim.

From Minority Composers:

TANBURI ANGELOS (?d.1694Greek): Acem-Asiran pesrev.

ILYA (d. 1799Greek): Sazkar agur sema'i.

TANBURI ISAK (1745?1814.Jewish):Gulizar agir sena'i.

NIGOGOS (18361885Armenian): Hicaz sarki.

SELIM III (r. 17891808): Sevkutarab kar (Sufi text):

The burnt wound of love within the firmament of my breast is your star;

But how may this moon-like beauty see it?for her day has no night.

Love has many gifts for your sweet-tempered beauty

Galib weeps for the smile beneath your lip!

Seyh Galib (d. 1799)

Composer Info

BAYEZID II (reigned 1481-1512), PRINCE KORKUT, Royal Musician (1467-1513), MURAD IV (r.1623-1640), TANBURI ANGELOS (?d.1694--Greek), ILYA (d. 1799--Greek), TANBURI ISAK (1745?-1814.--Jewish), NIGOGOS (1836-1885--Armenian), SELIM III (r. 1789-1808).

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