Music from Turkey 2002, Part III

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Program: #02-23   Air Date: Jun 10, 2002


The Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire, with Howard Bass, Director of Cultural programs for the National Museum of the American Indian of the Smithsonian.

Preservation of this program is made possible in honor of Barry Plotkin.

NOTE: Our series of Music from Turkey is made possible in part by The American-Turkish Council in cooperation with the Istanbul International Music Festival, one of the world's leading music festivals, this year celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Additional support comes from Raymond James, listening to investors since 1962: Independent investment and financial planning advice and investment banking services in the U.S. and Turkey--at

These performances are by the ensemble La Rondinella directed by our guest Howard Bass, Director of Cultural Programs for the National Museum of the American Indian of the Smithsonian Institution.

The three recordings are on the Dorian label:

  • Songs of the Sephardim (CD # DIS-80105)--abbr. SoS
  • A Song of David (CD # DIS-80130)--abbr. SoD
  • Sephardic Journey (CD# DOR-93171)--abbr. SJ

I. Love and Marriage

  •   Avre tu puerta cerrada (SoS)
  •   Dos amantes tengo la mi mama (SoS)
  •   Yo m'enamori (SoS)
  •   Avrix mi, galanica (SJ)
  •   La prima vez (SoS)
  •   Scalerica de oro (SoS)

II. Sleep and Night

  • Durme, durme, hermozo hijico (SoS)
  • Durmo la nochada (SJ)
  • A la una yo naci (SoS)
  • Hija mia (SoS)
  • Los bibilicos (SoS)
  • Morenica sos (SJ)

III. The Sacred Tradition

  • A'har noghenim (SoS)
  • Seu shearim (SoS)
  • Partos trocados (SoS)
  • Mose salio de Misrayim (SoD)
  • El paso del mar rojo (SJ)
  • El dia de Purim (SoD)

CD Info

CD # DIS-80105, CD # DIS-80130, CD# DOR-93171.

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