Music from Versailles

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Program: #01-05   Air Date: Jan 29, 2001

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Each year, the Centre de Musique Baroque a Versailles continues its mission of preserving, publishing, and promoting the music heard in that glorious court with a festival devoted to a composer who worked there. This week, some sacred motets of Henry DuMont (1610-1684).

Henry Du Mont: Motets pour la
Chapelle de Louis XIV.

NOTE: All of the music on this
program is from concerts presented
by the Centre de Musique Baroque de
Versailles. Support for this program
came in part from the French Ministry of
Culture and the Embassy of France in the
United States. You may reach the Minstry at:
and the Embassy at:

For information about the Centre de
Musique (or CMBV), about the
availability of recordings, archiving,
publishing and educational efforts,
you may contact them directly at:

These performances feature:

Howard Crook, countertenor
Herve Lamy, tenor
Peter Harvey, baritone

Les Pages et Chantres de la Chapelle
Ensemble Musica Aeterna
Olivier Schneebeli, director.

HENRY Du MONT: Nisi Dominus.
                                  Pulsate tympanum.
                                  Benedic anima mea.

Composer Info

Henry Du Mont

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