Music in Switzerland: Schola Cantorum Basilensis–Three Medieval Recordings

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Program: #00-40, Air Date: 08/15/00

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I. NOVA CANTICA: Latin Songs of the High Middle Ages
    (Dominique Vellard and Emmanuel Bonnardot, voices).
    Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG CD RD-77196.

 --Anon.: Da laudis, homo, nova cantica (Conductus for Christmas).
 --Anon.: Annus novus in gaudio (Versus for New Year).
 --Anon.: Iubilemus, exultemus (Benedicamus trope for Christmas).
 --Anon.: Letabundi iubilemus (Benedicamus trope for Christmas).
 --Anon.: Dulcis sapor novi mellis (Benedicamus trope for the Virgin Mary).

 II. CODEX ENGELBERG 314: Music of the Late Middle Ages (Choralensemble of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis/ Dominique Vellard & Wolf Arlt, directors). Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG CD RD-77185.


 --Anon.: Inter natos mulierum--O Johannes doce nos (for John the Baptist).
 --Anon.: Vroet uch alle geloubigu lute mit Schalle (German version of the
    11th century French sequence on the Virgin Birth, Letabundus exultet).
 --Anon.: Kyrie fons bonitatis (troped Kyrie, "Source of all goodness").
 --Anon/MONK of SALZBURG: Lobt all zungen des eren richen gottes
    (German version of the "Pange lingua gloriosa" for Corpus Christi).
 --Anon.: Congaudeat turba fidelium (Benedicamus trope for Christmas).

 III. "En doulz chastel de Pavie"--Chansons a la cour des Visconti vers 1400 (Ferrara Ensemble/Crawford Young, dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 905241.

 --JACOB SENLECHES: La harpe de melodie.
 --Anon.: Istanpitta Isabella.
 --JOHANNES CICONIA: Le ray au soleyl.
 --Anon.: Chanconeta tedescha tenor.


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BMG CD RD-77196, BMG CD RD-77185, CD HMC 905241,