Naxos Distribution—Three More Medieval Discs

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Program: #15-09   Air Date: Feb 23, 2015

NOTE: All of the programs once again this month feature recordings that are part of the expanded Naxos Distribution family. Including two from the recently-created Obsculta label from the monks of Stift-Heiligenkreuz in Austria.

I. Chant—Missa Latina (Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz/Vox Gotica)/ Obsculta Music CD OM 0002.

Chant: Missa Latina

"Chant - Missa Latina" is a tribute to the sung Latin Mass on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the opening of the Second Vatican Council 50 years ago – hence the golden cover. The CD is meant to promote the forgotten mandate of the Second Vatican Council, „that the faithful may also be able to say or sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them“. (Sacrosanctum Concilium, No. 54) Since the CD includes all the chants of the Holy Mass in the „ordinary“ rite, from the Introit to the “Ite Missa est”, it can also be used as a kind of "practice CD" for the active participation in the liturgy. Some common hymns, such as "Veni Creator Spiritus", "Adoro Te Devote" and "Pange lingua" are also included.

"Chant - Missa Latina" shows the spiritual depth of the Holy Mass in the Latin rite, which manifests itself in the artistic perfection of its musical expressions – as well as in its multifacetedness: the chants of the Mass Ordinary are featured both in unison Gregorian chant (Missa de Angelis) and in a fascinating polyphonic setting by the late Gothic composer Guillaume Dufay.

Salutatio 0:28
Actus Paenitentialis 1:21
Missa De Angelis: Kyrie 2:28
Missa De Angelis: Gloria 2:42
Collecta 1:01
Credo 3 4:14
Ad Offertorium - Oratio Super Oblata 1:07
Praefatio 2:20
Missa De Angelis: Sanctus 1:31
Prex Eucharistica 1 6:07
Mysterium Fidei 0:30
Prex Eucharistica, Teil 2
Per Ipsum Et Cum Ipso 0:34
Pater Noster 1:21
Libera Nos 1:53
Missa De Angelis: Agnus Dei
Ecce Agnus Dei 0:39
Hymnus Adorationis 4:08
Oratio Post Communionem
Benedicto 0:27
Ite, Missa Est 0:40

DUFAY: Missa Sine nomine
Kyrie 2:59
Gloria 6:11
Credo 4:09
Sanctus 4:25
Agnus Dei 2:47
Veni Creator Spiritus 3:00
Pange Lingua 3:43
Ave, Maris Stella 5:37


II. Hildegard von Bingen--Ave Generosa (Agnethe Christiansen, alto/Con Fuoco Ensemble) AND (Academy Chorus of Copenhagen/Nenia Zenana). Membran CD 2323861.

The Benedictine nun Hildegard von Bingen was a major figure in medieval Germany, a charismatic polymath as well as being a composer, mystic, authoress, prophetess, scientist, philosopher, theologian, and healer. Among her extant writings are about eighty liturgical pieces, several of which are presented on this 2CD set.

The music is performed by specialist singers accompanied by authentic period instruments, including the ensemble "Alba" directed by Poul Høxbro, the vocal ensemble "Con Fuoco" and the Copenhagen university chorus and orchestra under its conductor Nenia Zenana.

CD 1
1. O viriditas -
2. O virdissima Virga (instrumental) -
3. Columba aspexit -
4. O virdissima Virga (instrumental) -
5. O Euchari (instrumental) -
6. O quam mirabilis est -
7. Ave generosa -
8. Caritas abundat -
9. O frondens Virga (intrumental) -
10. O nobilissima viriditas
O Spritui sncto

CD 2 -


1. O virtus sapientiae -
2. O quam mirabilis -
3. Quia ergo femina -
4. Ave generosa -
5. O Magne Pater -
6. Nunc aperuit nobis -
7. O aeterne Deus -
8. Columba aspexit -
9. Caritas abundat -
10. O rubor sanguinis -
11. O Euchari -
12. O Pastor animarum -


III. I. Chant—Into the Light (Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz/Vox Gotica)/ Obsculta Music CD OM 0004.

Chant: Into the Light

Salve sancta Parens 3:27

Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis (excerpts)

Kyrie 1:33

Gloria 2:51

Benedicta et venerabilis es, Virgo Maria 2:58

Ave Maria, gratia plena 2:38

Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis: Credo 4:16

Felix namque 1:59

Praefatio 2:46

Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis (excerpts)

Sanctus 1:03

Agnus Dei 1:05

Beata viscera 0:54

Ite, missa est 0:37

Magnificat: Cum vidisset Jesus Matrem - Magnificat - Cum vidisset Jesus Matrem 4:44

Nos autem 2:58

Christus factus est 2:15

Ab ortu solis 3:59

Dextera Domini 1:17

Dominus Iesus 1:09

Improperia 8:51

Eccle lignum Crucis in revelatione Crucis 1:49

Pange lingua in veneratione Crucis 4:05

Super omnia in exaltatione Sanctae Crucis 0:49

Lamentatio III 8:26

Invitatorium in Dominica Paschae 10:03

Composer Info

Guillaume Dufay, Hildegard von Bingen.

CD Info

Obsculta Music CD OM 0002, Obsculta Music CD OM 0004, Membran CD 2323861.