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Program: #09-39   Air Date: Sep 21, 2009

Two new releases by Jordi Savall and a world-premiere recording by another Lowlander who thrived in Italy, Dominique Phinot.

I. PHINOT: Missa Si bona suscepimus (The Brabant Ensemble/Stephen Rice). Hyperion CD CDA67696.

This new album from The Brabant Ensemble is a powerful reminder that there are still considerable quantities of early sixteenth-century music to be explored. Much of it is of a very high quality indeed which suggests that we may have become too reliant on a core repertoire, an 'early music canon' that quenches our thirst for new discoveries. Have we, en masse, really lost our inquisitiveness? Thankfully there are a handful of ensembles that have not; and one of those is The Brabant Ensemble directed by Stephen Rice.

Dominique Phinot (c.1510-1561) probably slipped through the musicological net due to the paucity of his surviving biographical information. A musician in the service of Duke Guidobaldo II of Urbino and later cantor at the cathedral in Pesaro, there is little else known apart from a suggestion that he was executed for homosexual practices shortly before 1561. Nevertheless, he is rated highly by the contemporary theorist Hermann Finck who thought him a close second to Gombert. Phinot's general renown as a composer is well justified in this beautiful programme of his works which includes a mass, double-choir motets and a fantastic set of Lamentations. --Ed Breen

--Pater peccavi ("Father, I have sinned against heaven")
--Incipit oratio Jeremiae prophetae ("Here beginneth the prayer of the prophet Jeremiah")

II. La Barca d'Amore 1563-1685 (Hesperion XXI/Montserrat Figueras/Le Concert des Nations/Jordi Savall). Alia Vox CD AV 9811.

--GIACOMO de GORZANIS: La Barcha del mio amore (Galliard; 1563).

--SAMUEL SCHEIDT Paduan Dolorosa à 4.

--JUAN HIDALGO: Ay que me rio de Amor ("Oh, how I laugh at love!")

--Lullaby: My sweet little darling.

--Anon.: Une jeune fillette ("A pretty, sweet young maid").

III. WILLIAM BYRD: Assumpta est Maria (The Cardinall's Musick/Andrew Carwood). Hyperion CD CDA67675.

Propers for the Nativity of the Virgin (Gradualia, 1605):
--Salve sancta parens  ("Hail, holy parent, who brought forth the king").
--Benedicta et venerabilis ("Blessed and venerable one, you are the holy Virgin Mary")
--Felix es, sacra Virgo ("Happy are you, holy Virgin Mary")
--Beata es, Virgo Maria ("Blessed are you, Virgin Mary")
--Beata viscera ("Blessed be the womb of the Virgin Mary")

Composer Info

Dominique Phinot (c.1510-1561), La Barca d'Amore 1563-1685, WILLIAM BYRD

CD Info

Hyperion CD CDA67696, Alia Vox CD AV 9811, Hyperion CD CDA67675

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