Requiem, Part II

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Program: #01-39   Air Date: Sep 24, 2001


Early services for those who have departed.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in memory of Kay Ann Ewers.

Note: As some of you may know, the production of Millennium of Music is at WETA, barely a mile from the Pentagon. For us at the program, the only appropriate tribute is with the music used for centuries as solace, tribute, and rememberance. We were joined by some friends in the field who chose from their own recordings what seemed most appropriate.

--Alexander Blachly, director of Pomerium:

ELZEAR GENET [known as CARPENTRAS]: Lamentatio Jeremie. (from Musica Vaticana--Glissando CD 779.001).

--Mary Anne Ballard of The Baltimore Consort:

PIERRE CADEAC: Our Father God celestial (Lord's Prayer). Anon. (< Skene MS, c. 1620): The flowres of the forrest (used at Scottish funerals). (from On the Banks of Helicon--Dorian CD DOR-90139).

--Benjamin Bagby, director of Sequentia:

PETER ABELARD: Dolorum solatium (David's lament for the deaths of Saul & Jonathan). (from Visions from the Book--Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG CD 05472-77347).

--Howard Bass, director of La Rondinella:

Anon. (trad.Sephardic): Adio, querida. (from Songs of the Sephardim--Dorian Discovery CD DIS-80105). Anon. (trad.Sephardic): Trista esta el rey David. (from A Song of David--Dorian Discovery CD DIS-80130).

Anon./arr.ALONSO MUDARRA: Cancion: Claros y frescos rios. JOSQUIN DESPREZ: In te Domine, speravi. (from Sephardic Journey--Dorian CD DOR-93171).

Theme song at end, an arrangement of Josquin's Mille regretz as: LUYS de NARVAEZ: Cancion del Emperador. (performed by Howard Bass from A Song of David).

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CD 779.001, CD DOR-90139, BMG CD 05472-77347, CD DIS-80105, CD DIS-80130, CD DOR-93171

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