New York Early Music Celebration 2013: Pro Musica Polonica

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Program: #13-40   Air Date: Sep 30, 2013

All of the music on this program is from ensembles participating in New York Early Music's celebration of early Polish music, which will be taking place from October 4 - 20, 2013.

peregrina1For complete details:


I & III: Sacer nidus: St. Adalbert, Boleslaw I, The Vallant, and Otto III in Music of the Middle Ages (Ensemble Peregrina – Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett, dir.). Raum Klang CD RK 3106.

Sacer Nidus

Ensemble Peregrina, founded in 1997 researches and performs sacred and secular music from twelfth to fourteenth century Europe. The ensemble’s main interest lies in the early polyphonies and monophonic repertories of the Notre Dame school and Aquitanian nova cantica; the aim always being to look for a creative “counterpoint” to the mainstream in the less known peripheral sources. The ensemble’s programmes are characterised by a careful choice of themes and pieces, always paying close attention to their textual and musical interrelationships.

Peregrina’s interpretation and style is informed by the original source materials and treatises, as well as the latest musicological and historical research. The ensemble strives to approach a performance transmitted in the sources as closely as possible without having to renounce a well-balanced and beautiful vocal performance.

The name “peregrina”, the wanderer, alludes to the transmission of music and ideas throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, but also reflects the personal journeys of the singers themselves. The ensemble members (coming from Poland, Switzerland and the United States) together achieve a dynamic balance through their differing origins, and they unite to emulate the interaction and convergence of the cultures and histories of the music they perform. For more information:

  1. Bogurodzica Marienlied, Polen, 12th-13th c.
  2. Alme presul, Responsorium aus dem Reimoffizium - Benedic regem cunctorum, Gnesen, 13th-14th c.
  3. O preclara Adalberti (instrumental)
  4. O preclara Adalberti, Sequenz, Gnesen, 14 th c
  5. Magnus cesar Otto (modus ottinc), Lied, Rheinland, 11th c.
  6. Annua recolamus, Sequenz, Reichenau, ca. 1001
  7. Adalbertus presul (instrumental)
  8. Consurgat in preconia, Sequenz, Gnesen (?), 15th c.
  9. Hac festa die (Improvisation)
  10. Hac festa die, Sequenz, Gnesen, around 1090
  11. Beatus es (Improvisation)
  12. Alleluia. V. Beatus es, Gnesen, 16th c.
  13. Salve sidus Polonorum, Sequenz, Gnesen (?), 14th-15th c.
  14. Alleluia. V. Salve decus Polonie 1:55, Krakau, 15th c.
  15. Fulget in templo legifer, Hymnus, Krakau, 15th c.
  16. Omnis etas, omnis sexus, Planctus on the death of Boleslaw Chrobry (1025), Text: Gallus Anonymus, Chronik (I, 16), 12th c.


Ensemble Peregrina
Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett (voice, harp), Kelly Landerkin (voice), Baptiste Romain (vielle, lyre), Cristina Rosario (voice), Agnieszka Tutton (voice)
Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett, dir. 



II. A Bohemian Christmas (Early Music New York/Frederick Renz, director). For information:

A Bohemian Christmas


1.AlleluiaMikolaj Radomski, fl. 1420-30

3.Ave regina caelorumCodex Specialnik, before 1500

5.Nás mily Svaty VáclaveCodex Specialnik

6.Magnificat anima mea Dominum Radomski

8.Flosculum amenitatis Codex Specialnik

9.Breve regnumPolish, early 15th century

10.Angelus ad virginem missus Polish, 15th century

11.Czaldy waldyCzech, late 14th century

12.Vzdajmez chválu Codex Specialnik

13.Nobis est natus hodie Codex Specialnik

14.Omnia beneficia  Polish, late 12th century

15.Ortus de Polonia  Polish, 13th century

16.Gaude, mater Polonia  Polish, 13th century


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CD RK 3106