New York Early Music Celebration, Part 1

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Program: #08-23   Air Date: May 26, 2008

NOTE: The Early Music Foundation presented over 80 events in the fall of 2007. This week and next, we celebrate some of the performances given at this festival.


In part 1: Galileo's Daughters, Anima, the Guildsingers. For information about the Early Music Celebration New York, you may explore the web site:

And for more on the Early Music Foundation,

I. Galileo's Daughters: An Italian in Vienna: Music for the Hapsburg Court
(recorded at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, Oct. 28, 2007)

--ATTILIO ARIOSTI (1666-c.1740): Tal vicina a giglio e rosa (from Placidia, 1709)
--GIOVANNI FELICE SANCES (c.1600-1679): Chi sa amare e tacer mercede aspetti (Canzonetta a doi voci)
--SANCES: Cantata: Non sia chi mi riprend
--SANCES: Lagrimosa belta

II. Guildsingers (David Rentz, director): Four Arms, two necks, one wreathing--A Sampling of Bawdy Tunes
(recorded in the Great Hall, Columbia University, Oct. 13, 2007).

--BERTRAN de BORN (?1150-before 1215): Rassa, tant cries
--JOHN DOWLAND (1562-1626): Come again, sweet love doth now invite
--WALTHER von der VOGELWEIDE (fl. c.1200): Unter der linden
--NINOT le Petit (fl. c.1500): Mon amy m'avait promis
--THOMAS WEELKES (1576-1623): Four Arms, two necks, one wreathing
--GILES FARNABY (c.1563-1640): Lady, the silly flea

III. Anima: A Musical Remedy
(recorded at the Middle Collegiate Church, Oct. 21, 2007)

--PHILIPP HEINRICH ERLEBACH (1657-1714): Schweiget, ihr Seufzer ("My sighs, my lamentations")
--GIROLAMO DALLA CASA (c.1543-1601): Divisions on Palestrina's madrigal Cosi le chiome
--JOHANN JAKOB WALTHER (c. 1650-1718): Aria in g minor
--ARCANGELO CORELLI (1653-1713): Trio Sonata Op. 2, No. 12: Ciaccona.

Composer Info

ATTILIO ARIOSTI (1666-c.1740), GIOVANNI FELICE SANCES (c.1600-1679), BERTRAN de BORN (?1150-before 1215), JOHN DOWLAND (1562-1626), WALTHER von der VOGELWEIDE (fl. c.1200), NINOT le Petit (fl. c.1500), THOMAS WEELKES (1576-1623), GILES FARNABY (c.1563-1640), PHILIPP HEINRICH ERLEBACH (1657-1714), GIROLAMO DALLA CASA (c.1543-1601), JOHANN JAKOB WALTHER (c. 1650-1718), ARCANGELO CORELLI (1653-1713)

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