Programs tagged with: WALTHER von der VOGELWEIDE

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A Medieval Trilogy

Program: #21-16, Air Date: 04/12/21

A minnesinger and his “vale of tears,” the third in the Mare Balticum series, and works from the Squarcialupi Codex.

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 More New Releases

Program: #94-05, Air Date: 01/30/94

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The Medieval Mysteries

Program: #19-32, Air Date: 07/29/19

Chants of the Knights Templar, music for the Holy Grail, and the German prince and minnesinger Wizlav the Younger, whose music wound up in Norway.

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The Hunt of Love: The Minnesang Tradition

Program: #11-21, Air Date: 05/16/11

It has been some time since we looked at the German courtly love tradition--this week we sample two recent recordings.

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