Palestrina: Soul of Rome

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Program: #02-06   Air Date: Feb 11, 2002


Our annual excursion through new releases dedicated to music of love for the month of St. Valentine.

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant in honor of Meg Rogers.

NOTE: All of the music on this album is from the recording Palestrina: Soul of Rome with the ensemble Lionheart, featuring members John Olund and Jeffrey Johnson as our guests.

The recording is on the Koch label, and is CD No. 3-7513-2.

1). PALESTRINA (1525-1594): Ave Maria.
2). Palestrina: Missa in duplicibus minoribus I: Kyrie.
3). Palestrina: Missa in duplicibus minoribus I: Gloria.
4). COSTANZO FESTA (1490-1545): Petrus beatus catenarum laqueos.
5). Palestrina: Adoramus te.
6). Palestrina: Missa in duplicibus minoribus I: Credo.
7). Festa: Tibi Christe splendor Patris.
8). Palestrina: Missa in duplicibus minoribus I: Sanctus.
9). TOMAS LUIS de VICTORIA (1548-1611): O regem caeli.
10). Palestrina: Gloriosi principes terrae.
11). Palestrina: Missa in duplicibus minoribus I: Agnus dei.
12). Palestrian: Surrexit pastor bonus.
13). Palestrina: Litaniae de Beata Virgine Maria.
14). Victoria: Ave Maria.

Composer Info

PALESTRINA (1525-1594), COSTANZO FESTA (1490-1545), TOMAS LUIS de VICTORIA (1548-1611)

CD Info

CD No. 3-7513-2.

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