Peter Philips and Francisco Guerrero

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Program: #06-21   Air Date: May 15, 2006

You may know about the Tallis Scholars' latest disc, dedicated to Guerrero's Missa Surge Propera; we'll hear some of that disc, and a rare import of Phillip's work with the Musica Reservata of Barcelona in Guerrero's Missa Dormendo un giorno and rarely-heard motets.

NOTE: All of the music on this program came from recent recordings featuring Peter Phillips conducting works of Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599). The first is widely-accessible, and is the latest release by the Tallis Scholars on their Gimell label. The other is a Spanish import.
I. Francisco Guerrero: Missa Surge propera--Gimell CD # CDGIM 040.
--Missa Surge propera.
--Usquequo, Domine ("For how long, Lord, will you disregard me?").
--Ave Maria ("Hail, Mary, full of grace").
--Hei mihi, Domine ("Woe is me, O Lord").
--Surge propera ("Rise up, make haste, my love").
--Beata Dei genitrix ("Blessed mother of God").
--Ave virgo sanctissima ("Hail, most holy virgin").
--Regina caeli laetare ("Be joyful, queen of heaven").
II. Francisco Guerrero: Missa Dormendo un giorno--Radiotelevision Espagnola CD
# 65186--Volume 5 of Festival Internacional de Musica y  Danza de Granada.

--PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1485-1552): Dormendo un giorno.
--GUERRERO: Missa Dormendo un giorno.
--Veni, Domine, et noli tardare
("Come, O Lord, and do not tarry").
--Trahe me post te ("Draw me, let us run after you to the fragrance of your ointments").

Composer Info

Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599), PHILIPPE VERDELOT (1485-1552)

CD Info

Gimell CD # CDGIM 040, Espagnola CD # 65186

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