Philippe de Monte at Utrecht, Part 3

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Program: #04-13   Air Date: Mar 22, 2004


All of the music on this program comes from a recording
made of the concert by the Gesualdo Consort of Amsterdam directed by Harry van der Kamp from the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

 It traces the influence of Philippe de Monte (1521-1603) on the Amersfoort-born Johannes Tollius (c.1550-c.1603), who traveled through Europe and wound up at the court of Denmark.

The program is supported in part by Radio Nederland and the
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

from Madrigali a sei voci, Heidelberg, 1597:

--Della veloce sona in su le sponde.
--D'acqua viva un ruscel puro e lucente.
--Anchor ch'in alto mar di scogli pieno.
--Se mai pietosa madre alcuna volta
--Tra le dolcezze e l'ire.

PHILIPPE de MONTE--from La Fiametta, Canzone insieme altri canzoni..., Venice, 1599:

--Sestina a 7: Allor che lieta l'alba adduce il giorno.

TOLLIUS--from Madrigali a sei voci, Heidelberg, 1597:

--Il dolce sonno mi promise in pace.
--I tuoi capelli, Philli, in usa cistula.
--Nella mia verde etade.
--Che fa hoggi il mio sole.
--Zefiro torna, e'l bel tempo rimena.

Composer Info

Philippe de Monte (1521-1603), Johannes Tollius (c.1550-c.1603)

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