Philippe de Monte at Utrecht, Part 4

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Program: #04-18   Air Date: Apr 26, 2004

All of the music on this program comes from a recording made of the concert by the Trinity Baroque conducted by Julian Podger from the 2003 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht. It traces the influence of Philippe de Monte (1521-1603) on the great English composer William Byrd (1543-1623).

The program is supported in part by Radio Nederland and the
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.


--from Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum a 6, 1587: Advenit ignis divinus.

--from Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum a 5, 1579: Misere mei, Deus.

--from Liber primus missarum: Missa Confitebor tibi Domine: Kyrie.

JACOBUS CLEMENS NON PAPA (c. 15150-c. 1555): Ego flos campi.


--from Liber primus sacrarum cantionum a 5, 1572: Dixit Tobias.

--from Liber tertius sacrarum cantionum a 5, 1574: Ad te, Domine, levavi animam.

--Super flumina Babylonis (1583).


--from Gradualia sed cantionum sacrarum, liber secundus, 1607: Quomodo cantabimus; Resurrexi.

--from Liber primus sacrarum cantionum, 1589: Laetentur coeli.

THOMAS TALLIS ( c.1505--1585): Loquebantur variis linguis.


--from Gradualia ac cantiones sacrae, 1605: Ave verum corpus.

Composer Info

Philippe de Monte (1521-1603), William Byrd (1543-1623), JACOBUS CLEMENS NON PAPA (c. 15150-c. 1555), THOMAS TALLIS ( c.1505--1585),

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