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Program: #03-16, Air Date: 04/21/03

For the holy season of Eastertide, we turn to this premier recording of one of the masses of the great Flemish master Pierre de la Rue, with the Clerks' Group and Edward Wickham.


NOTE: All of the music on this recording is performed by
The Clerks' Group directed by Edward Wickham. The recording
is dedicated to Pierre de la Rue, born in Tournai c. 1453 (because
of recent discoveries about Pierre becoming a singer in Brussels in 1470,
his birthdate has been moved back). While also working in Ghent and
S'Hertogenbosch, his real place came in the Burgundian court of
Marguerite of Austria.

This recording is on the ASV early music imprint Gaudeamus, and
is CD GAU 307. The U.S. distributor is Koch Entertainment:

The program is sponsored in part by the Belgian Tourist Office
and the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C. For
more information on visiting Belgium,
you may contact the Belgian Tourist Office at:

Anon.: Nos autem gloriari (Chant for the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross).

PIERRE de la RUE: Missa De sancta cruce.
: Considera Israel (David's lament for Jonathan).
: Salve Regina.
: Vexilla regis/Passio Domini.

Composer Info

Pierre de la Rue

CD Info

CD GAU 307.