Polish Music of the Renaissance from Utrecht

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Program: #00-08, Air Date: 02/21/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from a live concert given at the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 1999. As part of the the theme "Polish Masters 1500-1850," we hear the Ars Nova ensemble of Poland directed by Jacek Urbaniak. For information about attending the Utrecht Festival and for more on culture and travel in the Netherlands, you may contact the Netherlands Board of Tourism at the toll-free number, 1-800-GO-HOLLAND or at the web site www.holland.com.

 I. WAZLAW z SZAMOTUL (c. 1524-?1560).

 --Modlitwa gdy dziatki spac ida ("Prayer for when
                       the children go to sleep").
 --Alleluja, chwalcie imie Pana (Psalm 116, Polish text by Mikolaj Rej).
 --Kryste, dniu naszej swiatlosci ("Christ, the day of our life;" text by
 --Blogoslawiony czlowiek (Ps. 1; text by Andrzej Trzecieski).


 --Hayducky (instrumental).
 --Pavane (instr.).
 --Rocal fusa (instr.).

 III. CYPRIAN BAZYLIK (c.1535--c.1600).

 --Oratio Dominica (text by Trzecieski).
 --Piesn o niebezpieczenstwie zywota czlowieczego ("Song of the
       Dangers of Human Life;" text by Jakub Lubelczyk).
 --W tobie, Panie, nadzieje mam (Ps. 70).
 --Nabozna piosnka (Sacred Song; text by Trzecieski).


 --Rex (instr.).
 --Zaklolam sie tarnem ("I pricked myself on a thorn;" instr.).
 --Poznanie (instr.).
 --Jeszcze Marcinje ("Martin, once more;" instr.).

 V. MIKOLAJ GOMOLKA (c. 1535-after 1591 [?1609]).

 Polish Psalms, texts by Jan Kochanowski from the Psaltoerz polski:

 --Chwalcie Pana (Psalm 118).
 --Pan nasz Bog (Psalm 97).
 --Siedzac po niskich brzegach babilonskiej wody (Psalm 137).
 --Bede Cie wiebil, moj Panie (Psalm 30).
 --Serce mi kaze spiewac (Psalm 45).
 --Niescie chwale morcarze (Psalm 29).
 --Kleszczmy rekoma (Psalm 47).

Composer Info

WAZLAW z SZAMOTUL (c. 1524-?1560), CYPRIAN BAZYLIK (c.1535--c.1600), MIKOLAJ GOMOLKA (c. 1535-after 1591 [?1609])