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Program: #04-11   Air Date: Mar 08, 2004

All of the music on this program comes from import discs given to us by the Polish Ensemble Il Canto.

The first features an integral recording of the works of Waclaw of Szamotuly (c.1520/5-c.1560). The second, with music of Waclaw and the Missa Paschalis of Marcin Leopolita (c.1550?-1589), features the Collegium Vocale.

From Waclaw z Szamotul with Il Canto Vocal Chamber Ensemble (KOS CD 13--c/o Arista Ltd., Hoza 50, PL00-628, Warsaw, Poland). All works by Waclaw of Szamotuly:

--Alleluia Chwalcie Pana ("Alleluia, Praise the Lord"--Psalm CXVI).

--In te Domine speravi.

--Naklon, Panie, ku mnie ucho Twoje ("Bow down Thine ear, O Lord"--Ps. LXXXV).

--Ego sum pastor bonus.

--Kryste dniu naszej swiatlosci ("O Christ, lightness of our day").

--Blogolawiony czlowiek ("Blessed is the man"--Psalm I).

--Nunc scio vere.

--Modlitwa, gdy dziatki spac ida (Prayer for when children go to sleep).

--Piesn o narodzeniu Panskim (Song on the Nativity).

--Powszechna spowiedz (Daily Shrift).

From Polish Early Music with the Collegium Vocale ensemble.
(DUX CD 0248) You may check this web site:

MARCIN LEOPOLITA: Missa Paschalis.

Composer Info

Waclaw of Szamotuly (c.1520/5-c.1560), Marcin Leopolita (c.1550?-1589)

CD Info

KOS CD 13, DUX CD 0248

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