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Program: #02-40, Air Date: 10/07/02

A stunning recreation of the ancient chant service for St. Olav ("the most wide-spread piece of music from Norway before the age of Grieg") radically redefined.

All of the music on this program comes from the remarkable recording

Rex Olavus from the Kirkelig Kulturverksted label (FXCD 227).

It features chant for the feast of St. Olav performed by the Schola

Sanctae Sunnivae, and instrumental pieces inspired by this repertoire

composed by Henning Sommerro with the Trondheim Soloists

conducted by Torodd Wigum.


These programs are made possible in part by support from the Norwegian

Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in

Washington, D.C.  For more information about Norwegian cultural events

in the United States or for travel and tourist information, you may consult:


You may also consult that web site for help in obtaining Kirkelig Kulturverksted 




1. Sequence: Postquam calix (Votiv Mass of St. Olaf on Wednesday)

2. Orchestral Piece I: Martyr

3. Antiphon 1: Sancte martyr Domini Olave

4. Responsorium 1: In regali fastigio

5. Antiphon for Vespers: Regnante illustrissimo

6. Responsorium IV: Itaque devotissime

7. Responsorium V: Confluebant ad baptima

8. Orchestral Piece II. Baptisma

9. Responsorium VII: Devenerat martyr

10. Antiphon before the Magnificat: Hodie pretiosus martyr Olavus

11. Responsorium VIII: Egregius martyr Olavus

12. Orchestral Piece III. Veni Care

13. Antiphon for the Magnificat: Adest dies laetitiae

14. Sequence: Lux illuxit (High Mass on the Feast of St. Olaf)

15. Orchestral Piece IV. Lux

16. Hymne: Rex Olavus

Composer Info

Henning Sommerro

CD Info

FXCD 227