Roots of the Jewish Baroque

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Program: #00-10   Air Date: Mar 06, 2000

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LISTENER'S REQUEST SPECIAL, Part I: As we enter into the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the program on Easter Day 2000, we present an entire month designed by you, the listener!

Preservation of this program is made possible by a generous grant from Barry Plotkin.

NOTE: This program was made possible in part by a grant from the John and Beebe Petrou Foundation.

I. Anon.: Ki mi-Zion teze Torah (Isaiah II:3). (Jalda Rebling
       Ensemble). Raum Klang CD RK-9901.

  II. Anon.: Cansoun d'Ester; Eftach sefatai (Circumcision).
       (Boston Camerata/Joel Cohen). Erato CD 2292-45513.
       From THE SACRED BRIDGE: Jews & Christians
       in Medieval Europe.

  III. SALAMONE ROSSI: Libro IV Sonatas (1622). (Rebel Ensemble/
       Jorg-Michael Schwarz, dir.). Dorian CD DOR-93184.
       From ROSSI & HIS CIRCLE.

  IV. SALAMONE ROSSI: The Songs of Solomon:
               Haleluyah haleli nafshi et Adonai; Yigdal; Kaddish.
       (New York Baroque/Eric Milnes, dir.). PGM CD 108.
       From SALOMONE ROSSI: The Songs of Solomon.

  V. BENEDETTO MARCELLO: Ah che non puo piu vivere. (Rossana
       Bertini, sop./Claudio Cavina, alto/La Venexiana Ensemble).
       Opus 111 CD OPS 30-149.

  VI. Anon.: Liturgy of Yom Kippur; Psalm CXVIII; Psalm CXIV (extracts).
     BENEDETTO MARCELLO: Psalm XIV. (XVIII-21 Musique des Lumieres/
       Jean-Christophe Frisch, dir.). K617 CD K617099-M7-876.
       From PSAUMES de DAVID.

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CD RK-9901, CD 2292-45513, CD DOR-93184, PGM CD 108, CD OPS 30-149, CD K617099-M7-876

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