Royal Danish Court, 1550

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Program: #03-03   Air Date: Jan 20, 2003


Copenhagen's rich (and international) cultural life under the reign of King Christian III is celebrated by the Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts and Bo Holten's Ars Nova ensemble.

NOTE: All of the music on this program features sacred and secular festival repertoire from the court of King Christian III, who brought artists from across Europe to Copenhagen. The performances are by the Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts and the ensemble Ars Nova all directed by the Danish composer and early music specialist Bo Holten.

The recording is on the Da Capo label and is CD # 8.224029.

This program is made possible in part with support from the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

  • Anon.: Laetabundus exultet fidelis a 6.
  • Anon.: Sustinuit anima mea a 6.
  • Anon.: Beatam me dicent a 6.
  • Anon.: Glorificamus a 6.
  • JORGEN PRESTEN (d. 1553): Ach, Herre, sehe uns genaedig an a 7.
  • PAUL KUGELMANN (d. circa 1578): Benedicamus a 6.
  • HEINRICH FINCK (1445-1527): Jesus Christus nostra salus a 8.
  • PAUL KUGELMANN: Ich klag mein Not, o Herr mein Gott a 5.
  • MELCHIOR KUGELMANN (d. 1548): Hilf mir, mein lieber Herre a 5.
  • Anon.: Laudate a 6.
  • DAVID ABELL (d. 1576): In dulci jubilo a 6.
  • Anon.: Adieu mes amours a 5.
  • Anon.: Resonet in laudibus a 6.
  • Anon.: Virgo verbo concepit a 6.
  • Anon.: A le venture a 5.
  • Anon.: Inviolata a 12.
  • Anon.: Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott a 6.
  • Anon.: Passamezzo & Sprung a 6.
  • Anon.: Inviolata a 6.
  • Anon.: Lamentanza & Sprung a 6.
  • Anon.: Hoc largire a 6.
  • LUDWIG SENFL (1490-1543): Alma redemptoris Mater a 6.

Composer Info

LUDWIG SENFL (1490-1543), MELCHIOR KUGELMANN (d. 1548), DAVID ABELL (d. 1576), JORGEN PRESTEN (d. 1553), HEINRICH FINCK (1445-1527), PAUL KUGELMANN (d. circa 1578),

CD Info

CD # 8.224029,

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