Spotlight on the Netherlands: Italian Cantatas

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Program: #10-08   Air Date: Feb 15, 2010

Mark Vitale conducts Contrasto Armonico and soprano Stefanie True in two of Handel's passionate cantatas. Spotlight on the Netherlands: Italian Cantatas


GEORG FRIEDRICH HÄNDEL (1685-1759): Il delirio amoroso, HWV 99 (1707) [story line: Despite being rejected by Tirsis, Cloris, the lovelorn shepherdess, follows him on his death to the underworld, in order to escort him from Hades to Elysium.]

HANDEL: Tra le fiamme, HWV 170 [a meditation on the dangerous powers of attraction: a moth burning in the flame of a candle and Icarus plunging to earth when his wax-coated wings melt in the heat of the sun...only the phoenix can rise from its ashes, so mortals should "beware a heart so easily inflamed, and resist temptation."

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