Spotlight on the Netherlands–Muffat, Corelli, Lully

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Program: #08-07   Air Date: Feb 04, 2008

Lully was a contemporary of Buxtehude; Muffat and Corelli born a generation later--the Holland Baroque Society gives us the German, Italian and French Baroque sound in the time of the birth of Bach and Handel.

We continue our long and fruitful association with our partners at Radio Netherlands in presenting a series of concerts from the 2007 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

We the web site provides more in-depth information about the music and performers we hear as well as more information about the festival (

NOTE: Matthew Halls directs the Holland Baroque Society in this concert.

As the Festival notes:

The Holland Baroque Society is o°©ne of the four young baroque orchestras from the Low Countries to play in this Festival, together with Les Muffatti, New Dutch Academy and B’Rock. They have one thing in common: an urge to provide an adventurous counterpart to the accomplishments of the more established orchestras, represented in this Festival by the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and Ton Koopman’s Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra. One of the Society’s distinguishing features is the absence of a single musical leader. Instead, a certain amount of flexibility is used in choosing the right leader for each of their wide-ranging projects. Today, harpsichord player Matthew Halls will be at the helm of the Society in a programme featuring energizing music by Muffat, Corelli and Lully.

Georg Muffat 1653-1704
1. Concerto IV in g minor ‘Dulce somnium’
Sonata. Grave
Sarabanda. Grave
Grave. Adagio
Aria. Allegro
Borea. Alla breve un poco grave

Arcangelo Corelli 1653-1713
2. Concerto op.6 no.10 in C major
Preludio: Andante Largo
Allemanda: Allegro
Corrente: Vivace
Minuetto Vivace

 Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-16871632-1687
3. Suite from Psyché, 1678 Overture – Prologue – (slow movement) – Simphonie de la Plainte de Psiche –
(fast movement) – Entrée des Cyclopes – Entrée des petits Zephirs

Georg Muffat
4. Concerto V in D major ‘Saeculum’ Sonata. Grave. Allegro
Allemanda. Largo
Gavotta. Alla breve, ma non presto
Menuet. Allegro

Composer Info

Georg Muffat 1653-1704, Arcangelo Corelli 1653-1713, Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-1687,

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