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War & Peace 1614-1714, Part 2

Program: #15-25, Air Date: 06/15/15

We continue with Jordi Savall’s latest project, this week from the Treaty of Turin to the War of the Spanish Succession.

NOTE: all of the music on these programs is from the new release/book by Jordi Savall.It is on the Alia Vox label and is CD ASVA 9908.

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The Rosary Sonatas

Program: #05-20, Air Date: 05/09/05

All of the music on this program is from a live concert given at the Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht 2004 featuring the Ensemble Cordaria.

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Spotlight on the Netherlands–Muffat, Corelli, Lully

Program: #08-07, Air Date: 02/04/08

Lully was a contemporary of Buxtehude; Muffat and Corelli born a generation later--the Holland Baroque Society gives us the German, Italian and French Baroque sound in the time of the birth of Bach and Handel.

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Live from la Maison Française- Ensemble 415

Program: #12-40, Air Date: 09/24/12

The baroque generation before Bach--Muffat, Albicastro, Albinoni and Vivaldi.

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