The Harmonia Mundi Family: Autumn 2000

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Program: #00-43   Air Date: Sep 15, 2000

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NOTE: All the recordings on this program are from the
Harmonia Mundi family of distribution.

I. Cantigas de Santa Maria (Ensemble Alla Francesca).
    Opus 111 CD OPS 30-308.

 --ALFONSO X 'El Sabio': Maravillosos e piadosos; Santa Maria amar.

  II. A Marriage of England and Burgundy (The Binchois Consort/
    Andrew Kirkman, dir.). Hyperion CD CDA 67129.

 --ANTOINE BUSNOIS: Regina coeli I.

  III. A Candle in the Dark (The Newberry Consort/Mary Springfels,
    dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMU 907140.

 --JOHN DOWLAND: In darknesse let mee dwell.
 --THOMAS CAMPION: Thrice tosse these oaken ashes.
 --CAMPION: Move now with measur'd sound.

  IV. GESUALDO: O Dolorosa gioia (Concerto Italiano/Rinaldo
    Alessandrini, dir.). Opus 111 CD OPS 30-238.

 --CARLO GESUALDO: Moro lasso, al mio duolo; Languisce al fin.

  V. AMOR ROMA: Cantates romaines circa 1640 (Suzie Le Blanc,
    voice/Tragicomedia Ensemble). ATMA CD ACD 2 2230.

 --CARLO CAPROLI: Frondosi e verdi boschi.

  VI. Avant/Before BACH: Deutsche Kantaten (solists/Collegium
    Vocale/Philippe Herreweghe,dir.). Harmonia Mundi CD HMC 901703.

 --FRANZ TUNDER: Dominus illuminatio mea.

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CD OPS 30-308, CD CDA 67129, CD HMU 907140, CD OPS 30-238, CD ACD 2 2230, CD HMC 901703

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