The Klapa Tradition

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Program: #03-08, Air Date: 02/24/03

After the stunning response given the Dalmatian singers from Hvar some weeks back, we are following up with music from the ancient secular tradition from Croatia featuring stunning male part-songs


NOTE: Both recordings featured in this program are of the a cappella male Croatian folk song tradition known as Klapa singing. The two are titled Novaljo, Novaljo with the Klapa Navalia singers, and Fire on the Sea, and feature the ensemble Klapa Fortunal.

Both are produced by Nenad Bach, who can be reached via e-mail:

[email protected]

or by US mail:

P.O.Box 145,
Croton on Hudson,
New York 10520

Klapa Navalia

--Oj Novaljo
--Dojdi u krilo moje
--U mladosti
--Novaljo, Novaljo
--Ju te san se zajubijo
--Ti si lipa moja Mare
--Kroz planine brda i gore

Fire on the Sea

--Kod Lepanta, sunce moje (on The Battle of Lepanto)
--Setala se Jelica i ive ("Story of Jelica and Ive")
--Ako si jubo posla spat ("If you are sleeping")
--Dalmatino, poviscu pritrujena ("Dalmatia, burdened by the past")
--Moja jube ("My Love")
--Oce Nas ("Holy Father")
--Zeleni skoju Dobra duso ("Green ground, Your soul is good")